You can request the change of the order only if the product has origin failures.


Requirements for product change:


1. The product CANNOT have been used. In the event of stains or damage, we will not be able to change your order.


2. The product MUST be in its original complete packaging and labels in perfect condition.


3. The product must be with all its corresponding accessories.

4. Changes are made within 30 days of receipt of the product.

The Consumer has the right to demand the exchange of a defective product or the refund of the price paid by it in the event that it presents a failure OF ORIGIN , and its legal or voluntary guarantees, in accordance with the law on the protection of consumer rights.


The costs of shipping and removal of the product in case of change will be borne by the Customer.


Due to the COVID-19 Health Emergency, the masks DO NOT have change or return.

If an item of clothing is faulty, contact us to make the change

The Aranxazu Llorente Collection team.