Aranxazu Llorente, Graduated in Visual Arts with a mention in sculpture and photography at the Finis Terrae University.

This brand was born through the creation of works that are made, drawn in digital format, and analogous study, with the purpose of reproducing a work more than once (and in limited quantities).

The origin of this, began in 2016, intervening freehand leather jackets, taking the next step, to what is inserted today. Thanks to that, it has expanded into other products, such as clothing, scarves, bags, among others.

Each work is an exclusive piece by Aranxazu Llorente, and with it, it has a story to tell, where the client is a participant in carrying a work of art with himself.

It is time for the work to leave the gallery, and for people to be part of it.

Photography by: Fernanda Requena.